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At the University of Essex, I work closely with two centres. I am the Co-Director for the Centre for Economic Sociology and Innovation (CRESI) and founding member of the Centre for Global South Studies (CGSS). In these roles, I am keen to include conversations and voices that make the global world political by critically exploring what it means to live together in a fragile planetary system. In an academic space, I am intrigued by approaches that bring new perspectives from the most quotidian to complex issues and how often open dialogues introduce negotiation, intellectual rigour and healing spaces. I am drawn to experimental and speculative thinking deeply rooted in subjective points of view.  

Professional Interests


I teach social theory modules at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My teaching focuses on rethinking the classics and including new theoretical and historical perspectives from geographies and formerly marginalised ideas. In my teaching, "modernity" emerges as a key concept through which a global world is imagined and lived--Who has historically claimed to be modern, when does being modern become problematic and why (if at all) do we need to engage with the concept. The seminars are designed to be interactive and review the role of critical thinking in contemporary times from the students' standpoint. 

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